Megelli 250 Review


The 250R, 250S and 125R are popular models of Megelli motorcycles. The Megelli Sport 250R‘s curvaceous flowing lines and aggressive supersport styling reminiscent of the likes of a Ducati are a testament to it’s exquisite european design, making it arguably one of the best looking 250cc motorcycles on the market.

With smooth power delivery from the Italian designed high torque liquid cooled engine, low seat height and a modest price point the Megelli 250R is uniquely placed to be the perfect first sportsbike with the added bonus of stunning lines and strength of the aluminium trellis chassis. Featuring a liquid cooled 250cc engine, aggressively styled sport fairings and generous highway mileage it is the perfect bike to begin your foray into the motorcycle community.

Taut, Control and Performance are words Megelli uses to describe this beautifully designed motorcycle.

My Personal Experience

Having ridden the Megelli daily for 6 months I am overall happy with the handling, ride and overall experience with the bike. It seems that the issues with earlier models such as the kickstand dragging on the ground whilst leaning low in left hand turns, faulty fuel taps causing starting problems and the handlebars pinching fingers against the front cowling on fuel lock have all been fixed by the manufacturer. I have not had any issues with these and the mechanical reliability has been great so far, this may be a testament to the ongoing work of Megelli to increase the quality of their motorcycles to higher standards.

It is hard to compare this bike to CBR250’s and Ninja 250’s for two reasons. The first, is that these two brands have had years of research and development to perfect their respective motorcycles whereas Megelli is a comparatively much younger brand. With more years of development, refinement and a resultant increase in reliability Megelli could become a force to be reckoned with in the 250cc market. The second point is the price, with the Megelli anywhere from $1000-$2000 cheaper from the dealer. These bikes really are in different price categories for first time riders just starting out. Ultimately the decision is up to you; but for me with the solid mechanical reliability so far, aggressive supersport looks and low price point it has been a winner.

Megelli 250 SE



The 249cc liquid-cooled, single cylinder engine is tuned for smooth, but torquey power delivery around the streets and generous fuel consumption on the highway, in addition to a smooth-shifting six-speed transmission enables the rider to have a range of options in almost any situation on the bike. This high-torque engine and complimentary transmission help the Megelli 250 provide hours of enjoyment from learner riders up to advanced riding and even track days.

The aggressively styled super sport fairings and windscreen utilizing the latest in aerodynamics ensure the Megelli 250 motorcycle looks superb and also delivers excellent fuel consumption and wind deflection for rider comfort.
Whilst small size wise the easy-to-read digital instrument panel featuring a neutral indicator and low fuel indicator are feature’s which will help out learner riders.

An aggressive riding position and comfortable seat pad in conjunction with nimble handling and response enable the rider to easily manoeuvre around traffic on suburban streets. The full-size 17-inch aluminium sportbike wheels not only look great but also aid in increasing handling response. Lightweight and nimble, the Megelli 250 ensures great fuel economy with outstanding performance.

Key Features

  • 249cc single cylinder liquid-cooled engine offers greater low end torque than competing models in the 250 class
  • Aggressive european styling reminiscent of Ducati motorcycles
  • Well designed 17-inch aluminium sportbike wheels improve handling and response
  • Six-speed transmission offers greater range of gear ratios suitable for an array of riding conditions
  • Large disc brakes offer sexy supersport looks and provide outstanding braking performance
  • Low 800mm seat height increases learner rider confidence

Megelli 250R


  • Compact 4 Valve OHC 26 HP single cylinder engine allows for proper weight distribution increases the motorbikes handling response
  • Smooth, high-torque power with snappy mid-range power for easily manoeuvring through suburban traffic
  • Heavy duty well designed piston rings help reduce oil consumption
  • While it won’t keep up with a CBR250RR it’s torquey power and smooth throttle response allows for a more comfortable cruise without the snap-jerk throttle of the 250RR’s 4 cylinders.

Megelli Engine

Fuel System: Carburettor

  • The TK MV34 carburetor offers low fuel consumption and solid throttle response

Cooling System: Liquid

  • Radiator offers efficient engine cooling whilst taking up minimal space and remaining lightweight
  • Fins on cylinder head increase engine cooling efficiency
  • Cooling fan employ a noise reduced motors to cut down on noise levels

Air Intake System

  • Reducing the amount of mechanical noise allows for the use of a less restrictive exhaust for increased performance
  • The Air filter is easily accessible from under the seat, enabling fast servicing and replacement
  • Well designed airbox with reinforcing spars reduces reverberation in the airbox and lowers air intake noise

Exhaust System

  • The less restrictive exhaust contributes to snappy mid-range torque and smooth a smooth power gradient
  • Sports twin tip design increases performance and design aesthetic
  • Meets strict emission standards


  • Six-speed transmission offers greater range of gear ratios suitable for an array of riding conditions
  • Well designed transmission allow for faster gear meshing and smooth shifting whilst under power


  • Sturdy and durable Multi Twin Spar Trellis frame comprised of thick-walled steel tubing offers confidence-inspiring stability
  • Beefy T6 Aluminum Trellis swingarm with forger dropouts contributes to the rigidity of the frame achieving optimal chassis stiffness

Megelli Engine


  • Well designed 17-inch aluminium sportbike wheels improve handling and response
  • Utilizing genuine sportbike tires leads to better handling at high speeds and responsive cornering at lower speeds

Megelli Wheel


  • Large-diameter disc brakes and two-piston calipers offer excellent braking performance and a natural, responsive feel at the levers


  • Telescopic front fork with aluminium dropouts and a firm factory tune enable smooth and responsive handling
  • A mono pre-load adjustable rear suspension helps provide predictable handling and adjustable ride height depending on riding solo or with a pillion passenger

Megelli Swingarm

Bodywork & Styling

  • Aggressive flowing lines and curvaceous designs provide high aesthetic appeal
  • Wind protection provided by aerodynamically designed windscreen and front cowl
  • Under-seat storage area for small items located under the pillion seat
  • 123kg dry weight enables the rider to effectively control and handle the comparatively lightweight
  • Aggressive dual headlight design and slim tail cowl with separate seat or racing cowl provide and racing sportbike look


  • The Koso RX1-N instrument panel features an easy-to-read and backlit, analog tachometer with a digital speedometer, odometer, trip meter, low fuel light and warning lights

megelli 250 instrument panel

Rider Ergonomics

  • Medium to aggressive riding position with a gently forward angled seat with wide, fork mounted handlebarsMegelli 125


250R Engine Specs
Cylinders Single Cylinder
Bore x Stroke (mm) 77 x 53.6
Displacement (cc) 249.6
Compression Ratio 11.5 : 1
Fueling System Carburettor
Idle Speed (RPM) 1500 +-100
Valve Train 4V OHC
Max Power (Hp/RPM) 26/8500
Max Torque (Nm/RPM) 22.8/7000
Lubrication System: Forced & Wet Sump
Fuel Grade: Unleaded
Clutch: Wet Type & Multi Plates
Trans: 6 Speed Gear Change
Gear Shift Pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Ignition System: C.D.I
Starter System: Electrical Start


250R Body Specs
Main Frame: A12 Multi Twin Spar Trellis Configuration
Out Riggers: T6 Aluminum forged Twin
Rear Swing Arm: T6 Aluminum Trellis with forger dropouts
Steering System: Twin Plate Bearing Carrier (upper & lower)
Yokes: T6 Aluminum Forged
Front Forks: Inverted with Aluminium dropouts
Rear Shock: Mono Pre-load Adjustment
Seat Height: 800mm
Wheel Base: 1349.6mm
Front  Wheel Size (Aluminium): 17:02.75
Rear  Wheel Size (Aluminium): 17:03.5
Tyre Size Front: 100/70-17
Tyre Size Rear: 130/70-17
Final Drive: Cushioned
Front brake and Clutch Levers Aluminium
Speedometer Koso RX1-N
Bodywork Rear Seat Cowl – optional
Net Weight: 123Kg approx

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  • yagiz

    Hello, first of all thank you for review.

    I’m going to start to ride motorcycle and thinking about 3 brands here they are; one of is them is hyosung gt 250r which is look fabolous as 600cc and overall average quality. the other one was honda cbr till I sit on it because it felt so small to me start to position on it and I’m thinking about megelli 250r Is there any issue with it ? I saw on some forums people are complainted about how bad is the quality of materials and fittings do you have any problems like that and also I’m 190 cm 90 kg. Do you know megelli is okay for me or i should go for bigger bike?

    Thank you,

    Kind Regards.

    • Michael Viney

      All the bikes have there benefits and disadvantages. I’m 80kg and the megelli suits me fine, there have been problems with them in the past but I have not had any reliability issues so far with my 250R. If the megelli is too slow and you need more power try the Hyosung 600 or the CBR. Its best to test ride them to see what you feel comfortable on. You will get the best reliability if you find a good CBR but these will be more expensive and again its if you are comfortable on it. My friend has a CBR250RR which is faster than my Megelli 250R however I prefer my bike currently.

  • IkaZukiy Hafiz

    Thanks for the info.

    For me, I rather pick for long term liability,
    which one is better, Megelli or Honda CBR 250?

    • admin

      CBR250 have better reliability obviously since Honda have had decades to refine the particular model. However the Megelli is a cheaper and much nicer looking, I prefer my Megelli to my friends CBR honestly.

    • Robert Lucky

      megelli is more better, CBR 250 only generate 24.374 HP and Megelli 250 generate 25.097 HP in a dyno test, and FYI : the CBR 250 already use Yoshimura exhaust and setting the ECU, the megelli is a brand new from the dealer. in a term of comfort you can’t compare this two bike, because they have a different genre in Riding position, The CBR have “Smart Riding Position” From Honda, and also have a sport touring concept, but megelli is a pure sportbike genre, the position of the handlebar is in a same height as a tank it is same with al superbike in the world, well you can say it the Megelli 250 is “Mini” superbike, in a long term liability, i think it is back to you, how to use the bike, if you push the bike 150 km/h everytime u ride the bike, then i guarantee your bike life will only hold 2 years old.

  • Joobin Jianfar

    Robert Lucky, I think if you push the bike 150 km/h every time u ride the bike,
    then it would be your life that holds 2 years old only. maybe less ;)